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A) Characteristics of obesity:

  1. Increase in weight is the most obvious symptom of obesity. Though increased amounts of fat in body tissues is most common reason for gaining weight, not all people who put on weight are necessarily obese as there are other reasons also for gaining weight. Therefore careful evaluation and thorough examination of patient is important.
  2. Fat usually accumulates on men in abdomen, waist region and over neck and shoulders while on female in lower abdomen, hip region, thighs, neck, and shoulder and breast region.
  3. Person may suffer with complaints like exert ional breathlessness especially after walking some distance, reduced work capacity, excessive sweating, thirst and polyuria.
  4. Obesity is usually associated with increase in illness from diabetes, coronary artery disease, kidney and gall bladder disorders. It also contributes to high blood pressure which itself is a risk factor in heart disease and stroke.

B) Aims of massage:

  1. Massage being a good source of nourishment, main aim of massage is to help you lose weight permanently without comprising on your nutritional status as diets that are overtly restrictive may compromise your intake of vital nutrients and are not feasible for most people on a life-long basis.
  2. Also use of friction and rubbing during massage will help to increase sense of warmth and improve efficiency of your metabolism so t hat you are able too burn calories more rapidly.
  3. Use of medicated oils that are dry and hot in nature are exactly opposite to the unctuous nature of fat accumulated in fat depots and will thus help to reduce extra fatty tissue.

C) Process of massage:

  1. Body area to be massaged: Usually full body massage is advisable.
  2. Directions of massage movements: Normal massage movements as carried out in a full body massage.
  3. Useful massage tips:
    • Use more pressure and friction during massage, especially if there is excessive fat deposition in depots like abdomen, waist, thighs etc.
    • All muscles and fat depots should be kneaded like dough so that increased sense of warmth will burn your extra calories.
    • Oil should be compulsory warm at the time of massage.
    • As far as possible avoid using more quantity of oil during massage. Instead, massage movements with less amount of oil should be carried out for longer durations.
    • After oil massage, herbal powders dry and hot in nature should be massaged all over body in a direction opposite to that of massage movements. This will help to burn more fat and calories. Herbal powders like acorus calamus, terminalia chebula, embelia ribes, dried ginger etc should be used.
    • Herbal steam bath may be given immediately after massage, as it will help to lose weight through loss of water in form of sweat.
    • Daily massage or alternate day massage is advisable in winter/rainy season while in summer 2-3times per week is beneficial for a period of at least 2-3months.

D) Use of different oils for massage:

  1. Though oil itself is an unctuous substance containing fat, the properties and nature of medicinal oil used during process of massage helps to fulfill your aim of losing weight. Therefore oil should be selected as per advice of expert physician.
  2. Oil should be strong and hot in nature like sesame oil, mustard oil etc. Oil cold and mild in nature like coconut oil etc should be strictly avoided.
  3. Oil should be prepared with addition of medicines that are dry and hot in nature so that it will regulate unctuous nature o foil and instead will help to burn more calories rapidly. Herbal drugs like terminalia chebula, embelia ribes, dried ginger, black pepper, long pepper, hog plum, nut of bellerica, acorus calamus, cedrus deodar, turmeric etc could be used in for m of paste or decoction during preparation of medicinal oil.